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Pet Care For One Hour, One Day, One Week, or One Month - For the Day Only or For Overnight!
  • Geographic Service Area:
    • For Daily Care and Transportation Services: From Washington, DC, south to Petersburg, Virginia.
    • For One-Time or Infrequent Care or Transportation Services: The Continental United States
  • Why I established Altoona Pet Sitter, etc.: I once had a job that required me to travel about two weeks per month for my job. I did not want to board my two dogs in a kennel. So I searched for alternate options and found a caring pet sitter in Woodbridge who took my dogs into her home and cared for them like they were her own. I never felt so worry-free while traveling. I knew that my pets were comfortable and safe. Having peace of mind while away from my pets was such a huge relief for me. Peace of mind is what I want to offer others.
  • My experience: I was raised in a family of animal lovers on a very small farm and helped care for horses, ponies, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, pheasants, ducks, ferrets, dogs, cats, & parrots, parakeets, and finches. We also volunteered for the SPCA by taking critical-care animals into our home, nourishing them back to full recovery and strength (which often required hand-feeding), and either keeping them as pets or releasing them back into "the wild". I personally helped care for bear cubs, an owl, squirrels, rabbits, and raccoons. The raccoons were the only animals I kept as pets until they eventually went off into "the wild" on their own.
  • My philosophy when caring for dogs is very simple:
    • First priority: exercise them (play catch, go running with them, etc)
    • Second priority: reward them when they deserve praise
  • My philosophy when caring for all other pets is very simple:
    • I will follow your instructions.
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